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Credit Risk Management

Gain increased transparency and the critical insight needed to mitigate risk. Easily replicate and automate your unique procedures and processes within this highly configurable solution. The automated workflow also supports bureau and ERP integration, rule-based workflows, tracking, and ongoing monitoring.

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Online Credit Application & Onboarding

Configure unlimited online credit application templates to cover each of your unique business needs. Create and designate required fields to ensure critical data is collected for proper data analysis. Our process is connected to major credit bureaus and rating agencies to streamline decision making.

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Collections Management Software

Reduce your company's DSO by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the entire collections team. Our collections management software gives you the ability to create and configure as many collections and dispute/deductions strategies as you need, in order to accomplish your larger business goals.

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Business Intelligence Reporting Tools

Assess the performance of your customers, analysts, and strategies to ensure that your processes remain effective. In a centralized location, view the entire portfolio down to the individual account level in order to save time on compiling data. Gain increased visibility from day one.

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ROI Over 5 Years

"CreditPoint has provided our company with a higher level of productivity, resulting in a return on investment of nearly $800,000 over 5 years. The software has greatly increased our workflow efficiency on top of lowering DSO and improving bad debt."

5 Year Customer, Manufacturing Client
Bad Debt Reduction

"CreditPoint's solutions and expertise have helped us reduce our bad debt from $12-18 million per year to $3 million per year on a $1.0 billion business unit."

7 Year Customer, Global Integrated Energy Company
First Year Savings

"You don't have to look far to see the benefit of CreditPoint Software. They've helped us reduce bad debt, eliminate duplicate financial analysis and establish a good standard. We estimate it will save our company more that $5.5 million in its first year of use."

2 Year Customer, Integrated Customer Management Solutions Company

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    Our mission is to provide the most robust credit and collections solutions available to help maximize your overall productivity. There’s a better way to manage your processes and gain insight from your business intelligence.

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