5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Accounts Receivable Software

Automating credit decisioning, risk management, and collections should be a goal for virtually all organizations. The cost savings and productivity gains associated with automation will mean money back in your pocket and the flexibility to focus on bigger picture business challenges or initiatives. As a result, accounts receivable software is a key piece of technology that every organization should not only invest in, but perform due diligence on to ensure they pick the right solution.

With so many options to choose from, business owners often struggle to find the right fit. And although software may look similar on the metaphorical shelf, there are key differences in functionality and performance that will make a big difference in your operations. In this blog, let’s discuss five signs that you’ve outgrown your current accounts receivable software, and why it may be time for a change.

Scalability Issues

One of the most obvious signs you’ve outgrown your accounts receivable software is if your system is not growing and scaling with you. As your organization grows, so will the complexity of your workflows. Though you may have originally just needed a couple of automated workflows or strategies to perform your collection processes, you may now be in need of additional components like credit risk monitoring, predictive analytics, and other tools required to deal with a high volume of credit and collections needs. 

Unfortunately, not many solutions offer the range of features and capabilities that you may need. And, if they do, the solution itself may be difficult and clunky for your analysts to use. CreditPoint offers a full suite of user-friendly tools, from online credit applications to business intelligence reporting, to cover all of your needs and more. We also offer a variety of training options to ensure your analysts are comfortable with our technology and able to fully reap the benefits of automation. 

Lack of Integrations

Growing businesses rely on growing technology stacks. Each year, you are likely to add a few more systems to keep up with internal or client-facing processes. Unfortunately, these systems may not be compatible with your accounts receivable software, making it more challenging to fully enjoy the benefits of automation or to maintain full data visibility. If integrations or restrictions are becoming a problem, it may be time to look for solutions that offer the synergies you’re looking for.

Security Concerns

As cybersecurity becomes increasingly important to organizations of all sizes, you need to be sure that your accounts receivable software is keeping your company and client data safe. This is easier said than done, especially given the rise in cyberthreat frequency and complexity. 

CreditPoint Software is hosted in the Microsoft Azure platform. This partnership ensures that our hardware, network, OS and databases are secure and maintain a more than 99.9% availability percentage. Additionally, each CreditPoint client has their own exclusive database that provides physical separation of their data from the data of other clients. We complete our own annual SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 audits, which is conducted by an Independent Service Auditor, and employ a 3rd party testing provider to conduct regular penetration and vulnerability testing. Security is no joke, and if you don’t feel safe with your current provider, it’s definitely time for a change.

Outdated Reporting

Reporting tools and performance insights are a critical component of any accounts receivable software solution, enabling you to quickly and easily view performance summaries, workload distribution, and projected cash flow. Yet few software solutions come with the reporting sophistication required to provide you with the insights you need, when you need them. 

CreditPoint’s nSight Business Intelligence Reporting Tool provides in-depth, transparent reporting across your entire team and organization. Dashboards and data visualization make it easier for all stakeholders to understand the real-time data and collaborate on a strategy to improve processes and automation. 

Your Cash Flow Doesn’t Reflect Your Growth

The ultimate red flag that you’ve outgrown your accounts receivable software is that you haven’t seen an increase in cash flow. First, take a look at your DSO number. DSO is a key metric for determining your business’ efficiency, risk, and cash flow. A strong DSO number is less than 45. Where do you stack up?

With the right software solution, your cash flow should match your business growth rate, which means more money in your pocket. The right accounts receivable software allows you to eliminate or greatly minimize manual processes, reduce human error, and accelerate collections, all of which should decrease costs and DSO. 


Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive commercial credit risk and collections management solution available on the market. Schedule a consultation with CreditPoint Software to learn how you can leverage the efficiency and cash flow benefits of an optimized accounts receivable software solution.