Our Partnership with NACM


CreditPoint Software is committed to creating applications that facilitate informed decision-making. To further this initiative, our company operates as a NACM Preferred Partner.

The National Association of Credit Management equips credit and financial professionals with the tools, education and networking opportunities needed to thrive in the commercial credit industry.

As a preferred partner, CreditPoint applications have been configured for seamless integration with the NACM National Trade Credit Report. With over 10,000 businesses submitting data for the report, this resource offers a wealth of information that can be applied to your decision-making process within CreditPoint Software.

Benefits of the NACM National Trade Credit Report include:

  • Time Savings – Quickly access information without ever leaving your application
  • Analysis – Integrate data within your scoring model
  • Insight – View data as it is presented over time

To see how your company can benefit from the NACM National Trade Credit Report, contact CreditPoint today!