CreditPoint Software, LLC and Creditsafe Announce Integrated Risk Management Partnership

Leading Provider of Trade Credit Risk Integrates with Leading Provider of Online Business Credit Reports

CreditPoint Software, LLC, a leading business trade credit risk management company and Creditsafe, a premier provider of online business credit reports, announced a partnership that includes integration of their industry leading platforms. This integration enables Creditsafe’s business reports to now be accessible within CreditPoint’s full credit risk management solution as well as its Credit Alert product.

For Creditsafe customers, the integration enables users to expand the value of their Creditsafe data with a powerful customer management tool that includes the best coverage for public company financials and ratings. For non-Creditsafe customers, the partnership means that CreditPoint users can easily expand their coverage to include the best-in-class bureau reports for private companies.

The key benefit is that users can now seamlessly combine public and private customer information into a single application, for streamlined management of their entire customer portfolio. Creditsafe’s database covers more than 240 million companies around the globe and supports a subscription base of more than 100,000 customers.  CreditPoint’s robust credit risk workflow, complete with auto-alerts and configurable scoring models, also features ratings and financials on publicly traded companies around the world. When combined with Creditsafe’s high-quality business credit reports, users can pull the credit reports, score the customer, assess the risk and take action.

“Our company is excited to offer another valuable resource to credit professionals,” says John C. Powers, CreditPoint CEO. “In today’s marketplace, companies are being asked to grow their sales and increase revenue while not adding resources to manage trade risk.   We consider this partnership to be a huge step in the continued automation and transformation of the trade risk process.”

“We believe that credit professionals deserve more when it comes to business credit reports.  The quality of our data is changing the way business information is used,” said Matthew Debbage, COO of Creditsafe.  “The integration of our world-class platforms facilitates streamlined access to our industry-leading data, as well as the tools needed to take immediate action which are found in CreditPoint’s trade risk application.”


About CreditPoint Software, Inc.

CreditPoint Software empowers businesses to be more efficient and eliminate their credit and collections management challenges through its SaaS software application and services. The company’s web-based product suite offers complete credit and collections functionality including bureau integration, credit and collections rule-based workflows, dispute and customer portals, ratings and financial data, business intelligence, and an online credit application. CreditPoint stands as a proven solution for businesses seeking to transform their workflows. From small and medium-sized companies, all the way up to Fortune 50, CreditPoint serves a myriad of business types and sizes. CreditPoint is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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About Creditsafe:

Creditsafe is the world’s most used supplier of company business intelligence with ten Creditsafe Group reports downloaded every second. Privately owned and independently minded, Creditsafe is looking to change the way business information is used by providing high quality data in an easy to use format that everyone in an organization can benefit from.

Founded in Norway in 1997, Creditsafe has offices in countries all over the world including: the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States. Globally, The Creditsafe Group employs over 1,200 people and has more than 100,000 subscription customers. Five years ago, The Creditsafe Group opened offices in the US under the name Creditsafe USA, Inc.  Its U.S. operations are headquartered in Allentown, PA. Nearly 10,000 companies in the U.S. use its credit reports, ranging from small businesses to large, global concerns like Staples, Ryder and Nestle.

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