Credit Risk Management Best Practices: Update Your Scoring Models

The Importance of Scoring Model Review. Do you review your credit scoring models on an annual basis? Regular validation of scoring models is critical to ensure that the scoring results do not expose the company to unnecessary risk. With the volatility we’ve seen in today’s economy, heavy weighting towards long-term measures could over or under…

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Work Smarter with an OCA

Are you looking for a faster, more consistent way to onboard new customers? Online Credit Application Software offers several benefits that make the process more streamlined. Businesses are constantly pressured to process more applications in less time. The manual procedure of onboarding new customers involves a lot of waiting and back-and-forth communication for application processing.…

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Welcome To Our New Blog!

We are always looking for ways to help commercial credit and collections professionals gain helpful information for their portfolio management.   This blog is one of our answers to that initiative. Here we will cover a wide range of topics and best practices which will include: Increasing productivity in your Credit Risk Management Best practices…

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