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Increase cash flow, accelerate decision-making and optimize business processes.

Electronics Manufacturer

Leading Electronics Manufacturing Company Doubles Revenue Growth While Saving $1.5 Million in Annual Operating Costs.

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Energy Management

Energy Management Services Provider Increases Productivity More Than 10x Through Automation and Standardized Processes.

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Enhanced Auto-Decisioning

With the help of CreditPoint Software's credit management solution, the client was able to increase efficiencies and realize $1-1.5 million dollars in annual savings.

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Bureau Management Library

CreditPoint officially launched the Bureau Management Library, which empowers credit approval teams to make faster, more accurate credit decisions.

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“The CreditPoint team is an integral part of our scorecard development effort. We could not have tackled the project and completed it on time without them.”

6 Year Customer, Petroleum Marketing Company

“The software is logical and easy to use, and requires minimal training in order to become proficient. Everyone has commented favorably on the functionality and can see real benefit. It certainly is a quantum leap forward from where we were.”

1 Year Customer, Integrated Customer Management Solutions Company

“CreditPoint’s programmers are top notch, and have delivered in line with all upgrade specifications. I don’t recall a time when they ever told us something could not be changed, added or modified.”

9 Year Customer, Integrated Energy Company

“CreditPoint helped us achieve our goal of developing a global platform capable of facilitating the transfer, sharing and consolidation of customer credit information, resulting in the reduction of credit risk while establishing a global credit standard.”

8 Year Customer, Integrated Energy Company

“CreditPoint has provided our company with a higher level of productivity, resulting in a return on investment of nearly $800,000 over 5 years. The software has greatly increased our workflow efficiency on top of lowering DSO and improving bad debt.”

5 Year Customer, Manufacturing Client

“CreditPoint’s solutions and expertise have helped us reduce our bad debt from $12-18 million per year to $3 million per year on a $1.0 billion business unit.”

7 Year Customer, Global Integrated Energy Company

“You don’t have to look far to see the benefit of CreditPoint Software. They’ve helped us reduce bad debt, eliminate duplicate financial analysis and establish a good standard. We estimate it will save our company more that $5.5 million in its first year of use.”

2 Year Customer, Integrated Customer Management Solutions Company

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