Commercial Credit Application

Speed up your onboarding process with CreditPoint's online credit application!

Delivered as a self-service portal, our credit application software allows your applicants to request credit at their convenience.

Our configurable design allows every company to create branded credit applications that prominently display their company logo. The Online App also features a step-by-step guide for submitting information and uploading any required documents.

Once completed, applicant data is auto-routed directly into CreditPoint's Risk Management and/or PayPoint Collections solutions. From there, you have the option to let your analysts begin the review or you can choose to let the software auto-process the application according to your unique business rules.

Best of all, you gain a central location where your team can easily access each customer’s submitted applications and documents, along with financial information from bureau reports and other 3rd party data providers.


Configurable with your logo & desired fields.


Customers submit their application without your assistance.


Applications are auto-routed directly into the CreditPoint Application(s).

Efficiencies Gained

  • Versatility & Configurability:
    Create & store multiple credit applications in your portal for varying credit requests. You also control the layout, branding & information fields.
  • Accessibility:
    Your credit application portal can be configured as part of your company's webpage & can also be accessed by a unique URL.
  • Auto-notification & Tracking:
    Be notified when an application has been submitted & keep up with the application throughout the approval process.
  • Document Management Features:
    Our credit app operates as a central location for submitted applications, uploaded documents & financials from bureau reports & 3rd Party data providers.
  • Secure Data Aggregation & Review
    Let CreditPoint's Risk Management Software compile information in a paperless environment & evaluate customers according to your business processes.
  • Save Time:
    No more being slowed down by financial statements & applications that are missing information. Our software ensures that each application is complete & contains the credit information needed for your decision-making.