Credit Alert

Strategic partnerships with the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) and the Credit Management Association (CMA) have resulted in a powerful and unique tool – Credit Alert – to monitor credit risk.

Credit Alert combines our industry leading credit risk management software with the automation of credit data for both private and public companies.  This unique combination allows users to manage their entire portfolio from a single platform – ultimately resulting in improved collaboration and quicker decisions.

And because all of these tools come out of the box, you can be up and running immediately, without the traditional implementation process and no IT resources required from your side.

When it comes to privately held customers, Credit Alert gives you simple and affordable access to D&B, Equifax and Experian, without requiring a long-term contract.

You can order from a single or multiple providers, right from the Credit Alert application, and pay for only the reports you need.

And if you already have a subscription with one of those providers, you can still order a report from one of the other bureaus, to help supplement your credit decision when more data is needed.  Whether you want to quickly review the latest bureau score, or utilize the collaboration software for deeper analysis of a particular customer, Credit Alert provides a single place to manage your entire portfolio.

Credit Alert also automates the collection of public customer data.  New financial statements and ratings updates are automatically uploaded to your database.  And with our automated notification system, you can receive email alerts anytime there is a change in a customer’s risk profile.

Credit Alert is about more than just delivering data.  By combining all of this into our industry leading software platform, you’re able to enhance your credit decision collaboration, ultimately improving your ability to manage risk.

Credit Alert – Powerful. Efficient. Affordable. 


Public and Private Data Summary:

Public Customers

  • S&P Issuer Ratings with Outlook
  • Moody’s Issuer Ratings
  • CapIQ Financials
  • Ratings Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Outlook Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Credit Watch Upgrade/Downgrade

Private Customers

  • D&B Paydex Score
  • D&B Payment Analysis by Industry
  • D&B Firmographics
  • Equifax SBCR Score
  • Equifax Trade Experience
  • Equifax Public Record Data
  • Experian Intelliscore Plus
  • Experian Company Information
  • Experian Summary Trade


Collaboration Software Summary:

Credit Decisions

  • Basic Credit Workflow
  • Financial Statement Management
  • Credit Scoring
  • Standard Credit Models
  • Ratio Trend Analysis

Customer Management

  • Calendar
  • Task Creation & Tracking
  • Customer Contacts
  • Customer Alerts/Comments
  • Customer UDFs


  • Unlimited Benchmark Reports