Creditsafe Business Reports

Credit Alert

Improved monitoring of public and private company credit risk

Credit Alert automates the collection of public company credit ratings data, making it easier for you to have the information you need when you need it.  Our credit risk software automatically uploads new financial statements and ratings updates to your database.  Anytime there is a change in a customer’s risk profile, Credit Alert’s automated notification system will send you an email alert.

When it comes to privately held customers, Credit Alert gives you simple and affordable access to D&B, Equifax and Experian, without requiring a long-term contract.

Credit Alert is about more than just delivering data.  By combining all of this into our industry leading software platform, you’re able to enhance your credit decision collaboration, ultimately improving your ability to manage risk. Accelerate how you gather key company data and streamline your commercial credit risk management with Credit Alert.


  • Automated imports of Public Customer Financial & Ratings Data
  • Email alerts for changes in financial or ratings information
  • Configurable scoring models for risk evaluation


  • Manage your entire portfolio from a single platform
  • Complete credit reviews more efficiently and consistently
  • Streamline the credit review process with our credit analysis workflow


  • Inexpensive setup and contract free bureau access
  • Easy setup – no IT resources required
  • Access to CreditSafe and AnscersX Triple Score Report

Bureau Reports

Credit Alert facilitates better monitoring of privately held companies through easy and low-cost access to D&B, Equifax and Experian. Best of all, no long-term contract is required!

  • Only pay for the reports you need.
  • Order a single report or pull all three, directly from the Credit Alert application.


Benchmark Reports

Benchmark reports display trending, analysis, score trends, financial statement info and family tree data.

Credit Score Trend Report

Gives you detail on active credit ratings, score details, credit score change analysis and trend graphics.

Credit Alert helps companies transform their workflow and overcome the challenges associated with commercial credit risk management.  To see how your company can benefit from our software, schedule your demo today!