Partner Portals

CreditPoint’s Partner Portals are your gateway to increased collaboration and productivity.

With our Partner Portals, you can choose from Sales, Dispute, and Customer portals – all of which act as a central location designed to improve your visibility and streamline your communication. Each version is seamlessly integrated into your CreditPoint application(s), providing a secure access point for each user.

With our Dispute and Sales Portals, communication across departments is made easier, leading to greater customer satisfaction and reduced response times. By providing quick and efficient feedback, your sales team can help collectors resolve an issue. At the same time, sales involvement is reduced, meaning less time managing accounts and more time for new business.

With our customer-facing portal, you can create a branded experience that includes your logo and looks like your website. From viewing invoices, to corresponding with your staff, each customer can conveniently access and manage their accounts – resulting in even more efficiency and productivity for your employees.


Dispute Portal

  • Increased customer satisfaction and reduced dispute resolution time
  • Enhanced visibility for root cause analysis
  • Collaboration between the appropriate resolvers & departments
  • Receive auto-notification when a dispute is submitted & auto-reminders/escalation should a dispute remain unresolved


Sales Portal

  • Improved communication and collaboration between departments
  • Ability to quickly impact and resolve customer issues
  • Easily access your customer accounts 24/7/365
  • Add notes that can then be shared with collectors and other departments


Customer Portal

  • Configure and brand your portal so it displays your company logo and looks like your website
  • Allow portal access through your webpage or a unique URL
  • Be notified when a customer submits a note, promise, dispute or payment on an account
  • Enable customers to access and manage their account at their convenience
  • Accept uploaded documents that then become part of that customer’s account