Work Smarter with an OCA

Are you looking for a faster, more consistent way to onboard new customers? Online Credit Application Software offers several benefits that make the process more streamlined.

Businesses are constantly pressured to process more applications in less time. The manual procedure of onboarding new customers involves a lot of waiting and back-and-forth communication for application processing. These problems are further compounded if the application has missing information.

By automating the onboarding process, companies can significantly reduce the time it takes to process an application. This translates to an increased number of completed reviews and enables staff to give additional attention to applications that need further analysis.

Furthermore, studies have shown that online credit apps substantially lower the number of applications submitted with incomplete information, the key benefit of which is time savings. All critical information is submitted at one time and digitally stored in one place, saving a considerable amount on paper costs and allowing you to easily access it at any time.

With CreditPoint, applicant information is then fed into an exception-based workflow where applications can be auto-scored per your risk appetite. Our software is also equipped with tools for in-depth analysis. The overall result is a more convenient and streamlined process that promotes maximum workflow efficiency, allowing you to work smarter! To learn more about how you can process more applications in less time, schedule a demo.